‘Scandinavian design’ can divide opinion. People Who like it reward its easy traces and minimalistic stylings, its wooden finishes and open aesthetic.

But taken to extremes the design language can, its detractors argue, lead to gadgets which can be nicer to take a look at than to in reality use, like a resort room desk that’s all smooth uncovered wood that couldn’t bear to include one thing as messy as a plug socket.

UrbanEars is a model that’s always been keen to take the positives of Scandinavian design with out taking it to the extremes of type over operate, and nowhere is this more clear than with its new Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones.

We were already impressed with the wired version of the Plattan 2‘s once we reviewed them remaining year. Even Though we had some moderate reservations about their sound quality and absence of volume controls, we notion they provided an ideal deal at their value level.

First impressions suggest that UrbanEars have taken these criticisms to heart as the wi-fi adaptation makes big strides against bettering upon the original’s drawbacks.

Make no mistake, this is nonetheless a funds pair of headphones (with out a excessive-end applied sciences like noise-cancellation or Bluetooth AptX toughen), But at this worth it appears the stability they’ve struck between performance, worth, and efficiency might be about proper.

Design and features

Appears To Be Like-smart, very little has modified between these headphones and the wired Plattan 2s. They Are nonetheless on hand in a couple of colours ranging from a stark white via to brighter pink and blue (pictured) variations.

These solid shade schemes are best damaged somewhat by a single line of silver trim that flows round each and every earcup, and frankly we’re big lovers of the understated look. Hinges at each and every finish of the headband enable the earcups to fold away, and the scarf itself is versatile with out feeling flimsy.

This neat little nub handles monitor skipping and quantity keep an eye on obligations

The Biggest alternate from the wired version (apart, naturally, from the fact that this thing does not have any wires) is the addition of the identical keep an eye on stick found on Marshall’s up to date headphones just like the Marshall Mid. Press it to play or pause the music, slide it up and down for volume keep watch over, and slide it left and proper to skip forwards and backwards thru tracks.

This stick, discovered on the best earcup, is inconspicuous, neat, and appears to work somewhat properly.

On the left earcup, next to the Micro USB charging port, you’ll be able to discover a single Three.5mm jack which, interestingly, has a dual objective. Either you can use it to hook up with a device that doesn’t support Bluetooth, such because the Nintendo Switch, or Which You Can in reality plug a 2d pair of headphones into this pair to share tune with a chum.

In View That there’s just one jack You Can simplest make use of this kind of bits of performance at a time, however it’s lovely neat the entire same.

UrbanEars claims that these headphones must ship over 30 hours of battery life which, if true, is seriously spectacular. Better still, after we spoke to the product building workforce they claimed that 30 hours of playback was completed when enjoying the headphones at most quantity, and so in everyday use you must get even more.

We Will make sure you take a look at these claims out in full for our closing overview.

Sound high quality

So Much of these related complements could be paid to UrbanEars’ sister brand Marshall Headphones, But where the Plattan 2 Bluetooth headphones stand apart is with their sound high quality, which is far more subtle, extra balanced, and albeit extra listenable.

Whereas the Marshall headphones kick you within the crotch with their bass before throwing up devil horns and running from the room, the Plattan 2 Bluetooth simply want you to have a just right time.

Give the headphones a monitor with somewhat little bit of rythm to sink their teeth into like Aom via Mouse on the Keys, and its two piano traces are multiple and clear, even with its riding drumline in the historical past.

Folding the headphones up saves some area

Sure, the soundstage is a slightly constricted, However we’re inclined to present it a go at this worth point.

Step into extra Marshall territory and the headphones still grasp up neatly, Despite The Fact That detail can from time to time suffer. i found a method by means of Alkaline Trio is expressive and dynamic through the headphones, even though you is not going to be blown away with the aid of how certainly You Could hear the bass buried within the mix.

First impressions counsel that these are an extraordinarily sonically capable pair of headphones, But We Are Going To want to throw much more track at it earlier than we reach our final verdict.

Disappointingly, the audio did ocassionally reduce out While we have been listening wirelessly. We performed this preview in a resort room where you’ll predict there to be much less wireless interference than on the road, so Despite The Fact That these drops have been not up to a fraction of a 2nd, they still weren’t ideal.

Both earcups can also be simply eliminated for cleaning or substitute

Early verdict

Yes, it is absolutely conceivable to spend extra money and get more efficiency out of a pair of headphones. That You Would Be Able To get more options like Bluetooth AptX and active noise cancellation.

But at $Ninety Nine / £85, we’re inclined to believe UrbanEars has made solely the precise compromises. The Plattan 2 Bluetooth might not be feature-packed, However they nonetheless feel very usable, they might not offer the pinnacle of audio performance, However they offer a degree which is great at this worth.

Keep tuned for our full overview as we actually put these items through their paces, However for now it seems as though UrbanEars has no longer simply cut the twine with few compromises, However has even taken the chance to make some respectable improvements in the process.