Sony’s 4K-equipped monster, the PS4 Professional, has dependent itself as the first Extremely HD console in the marketplace, However if you are no longer able to improve to a brand new tv just yet then the unique PS4 is still an excellent laptop, especially now that It Can Be been shriveled down into a new slimline form issue.

It’s intended as the funds possibility, so there are a few compromises. You naturally is not going to get any form of 4K output, and you’ll have to do without an optical audio output.

But if you are willing to put up with these boundaries you’ll find the PS4 slim to be an incredibly able machine.

Finally It Is smaller, it runs quieter, It Can Be More energy efficient and – If You Happen To Live in Europe or Asia – It’s to be had in Glacier White, But is it worth upgrading to? Moreover, if you’re having a look to buy the console for the first time, is that this the one to go for?

It Might Be an more uncomplicated determination if Microsoft’s Xbox One S hadn’t considerably raised the bar by way of packing a 4K Blu-ray Player into the Xbox One, in addition to including 4K upscaling and HDR functionality to its games.

Meanwhile, further complicating the decision, the 4K PS4 Pro has just launched, bringing better Efficiency to the PS4 ecosystem. The slim PS4, Meanwhile, works more or less identically to the prevailing console.

The slim retails at £259 / $299 / AU$599.Ninety Nine for the 500GB adaptation, with a 1TB model anticipated further alongside down the line.

The PS4 Slim would possibly have entered the fray as Sony’s finances psoffering, But that doesn’t Imply It Is scrimping on its specs. In all key areas it suits the original playstation 4 console, and at many points outperforms it too.

Additionally It Is a much smaller console, shrinking the desktop down by way of virtually a third in volume, knocking Sixteen% off the unique’s weight and providing extraordinary enhancements in Both power draw and noise output.

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The Most Effective PS4 games are among the many finest available on any platform in the mean time, with showstoppers like Uncharted Four and Bloodborne the envy of COMPUTER and Xbox One avid gamers alike. They Are Going To all be compatible with The Brand New PS4 Slim, as will each recreation going forward – Sony made it explicitly clear that each sport for the PS4 Professional will work here, too.

On prime of the games themselves, the PS Plus Network providing is as excellent a deal as It Can Be ever been, permitting you to partake in aggressive or cooperative online multiplayer play and providing up a number of three free video games on a monthly basis too.

On The Subject Of competitors, the PS4 Slim in reality Only has two competitors – the Nintendo Change and the Xbox One S. Positive, Nintendo has created one thing profoundly distinctive with The New Nintendo Change, But It Surely’s against the Xbox One S Where the PS4 has its hardest fight.

Handiest a tad costlier, the Xbox One S seems nice, has a superb selection of its personal games, and is derived packing a killer 4K Blu-ray Participant in-built, making it a far more rounded media Participant than the PS4 Slim.

All that said, It’s Sony who’s bought 70 million PS4s at the moment. So obviously It Is doing one thing proper with its new console.

Does that Imply you should sign up for the playstation Nation too? Read on to find out.


It May Be hard to keep in mind that now, seeing how much pleasure players have gotten out of the original PS4, But its off-kilter form used to be met with some raised eyebrows when it used to be first published three and a half of years ago.

2016’s slim PS4 Extra-or-less retains the core visible identity of the primary psFour, However shrinks the whole lot down into a Extra dinky parallelogram bundle, with newly-rounded edges.

Whereas the unique psFour measured 27.5 x 30 x 5.Three cm, the PS4 Slim is solely 26.5 x 26.5 x 3.Eight cm. Which Is roughly a 3rd smaller than what the unique measured up as, and its weight is comparably lighter, too.

Whereas the first PS4 had a end that blended shiny plastics with matte ones, the PS4 Slim goes with a easy matte black finish all over. It Additionally drops the top-set up coloured light bar indicator – displaying sleep, wake and off statuses – in want of small illuminated dots over the ability button. These are tougher to look, so watch out to test them carefully before unplugging the console from the wall, or chance corrupting your information.

The disk force slot continues to be entrance-facing, sitting above small, bodily energy and eject buttons. Extra recent revisions of the PS4 Additionally featured physical buttons on the console, But It’ll be a marked difference for players used to the launch model PS4, which preferred contact-sensitive controls as a substitute.

Two USB ports take a seat on the front of the console, as was once the identical on earlier PS4 models. However they may be now spaced a lot additional aside, making them moderately more straightforward to plug into.

PS4 Slim Front

Both 500GB and 1TB variations of the PS4 slim are to be had. Should You opt for the smaller of the 2 you could to find your onerous-power fills up incredibly quickly thanks to the console’s reliance on necessary recreation installs, But fortunately It’s somewhat easy to upgrade the internal onerous drive or Which You Can even install video games to an exterior arduous pressure because of a up to date replace.

Additionally on the back you can to find the ability plug socket (no want for an external energy brick right here), a HDMI port, the psCamera’s growth port (an essential a part of the playstation VR‘s setup) and an Ethernet Network jack socket.

The Only casualty of the slimmed-down design is the Optical Out port on the rear. While HDMI will suit the needs of many avid gamers on the subject of carrying audio signals, the Optical Out port will probably be neglected by those hooking up older residence cinema receivers, or souped-up gaming headsets.

PS4 Slim Rear

The slim PS4 has quite a lot of good design touches dotted round its chassis Although. The Enduring Square, Triangle, Circle and Cross symbols of the psbrand are stamped into the facet of the console (with the Circle acting as a fixture for these wishing to face the console upright with a base accent). And those self same symbols are discovered stuck to the bottom of The Brand New PS4, appearing as ft to raise the computing device off a floor for stronger airflow.

All in, It Can Be a neatly considered design the enhances the prevailing vary, markedly justifying its “Slim” side road identify.


Setting Up the slim playstation 4 is so easy, especially if you’re upgrading from the unique PS4, or even a PS3 when you consider that you need to use the identical cables, disposing of the want to stretch at the back of your TV.

Merely plug Within The integrated HDMI and power cables and connect to the web to obtain the console’s quite a lot of patches and updates.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to skip Wi-Fi or ethernet altogether and just pop in a game. Unlike the Xbox One, That You May get to the homescreen with out at first connecting to the online and patching.

If You do connect with the web, you can need to let the PS4 update earlier than You Can make purchases from the shop or play on-line.


Since The very first PlayStation, Sony’s home consoles have led the cost with regards to media playback make stronger. The PS One made for a great CD Player, the PS2 was once many avid gamers’ first DVD Player, and the PS3 their first Blu-ray deck and USB playback software.

The PS4, Whereas no longer introducing a new layout of its own, picked up the baton handed via the PS3, providing broad-ranging streaming provider beef up, Blu-ray and DVD playback, USB media functionality and even banging out the tunes with its own Spotify Participant.

What the PS4 Slim does not do, However, is provide a solution to the Xbox One S’s 4K Blu-ray Player. It as an alternative sticks with the original PS4’s same old full HD Blu-ray Player. It Can Be nonetheless a strong deck, But any person having a look to show off their 4K TVs with The New PS4 can be dissatisfied. It’s a feature That Is set to be significantly absent from the PS4 Pro, too.

It’s Essential To argue that, with 4K TVs a relative luxurious for avid gamers for the time being and streaming more and more used to watch media content, It’s no longer a desperately needed function, particularly if it retains the overall value down. However it is going to age the console, combating it from being fully future-proofed. What’s in all probability More stressful is the complete elimination of the optical out audio socket, which could cause complications for those with older AV tools.

Alternatively, one upgrade that is coming to all the range of PS4s along with the PS4 Slim is HDR support. It adds higher detail to gentle sources in an image, and is considered the following large factor in TV tech.

All different streaming services and products and apps featured on the PS4 return for the PS4 Slim. They embody (However should not limited to) Netflix, Amazon High Video, as well as BBC iPlayer and TELEVISION from Sky In The UK, and HBO Go and Hulu in the usa. Sony’s personal movie apartment platform is on hand too when you are searching for the latest Hollywood releases. YouTube is on hand, as is Twitch game streaming, and a Spotify Join-enabled model of the popular song streaming provider, letting you control tunes on your small screen television from the remedy of your smartphone.

The 2016 PS4 Slim variation debuts alongside a brand new DualShock 4 pad – Although you’d be excused for failing to spot the variation.

In The hand, It Can Be practically similar to its predecessor, which was once easily The Perfect pad Sony had ever made, and up there with The Most Effective of all time.

DualShock 4

Although its analogue sticks succumb to wear and tear slightly too easily, the DualShock Four is wonderfully ergonomic, with a responsive D-Pad and comfy triggers and face buttons. A criminally-underused touchpad sits in the midst of the pad (which Also properties barely-used movement keep watch over capabilities), Whereas a mild bar sits on the rear, indicating Participant status and used as a tracking assist for PS VR.

It’s this lightbar that marks one of the remarkable adjustments to The New controller. There May Be now a slight translucent strip Within The touchpad, letting you see the colour your controller is about to. It’s a small comfort, saving you from twisting the pad upwards to peer which Player color You Are set as.

A Extra important addition, especially for pro players, is the method to Switch between the controller’s Bluetooth connection and a wired USB data connection with the PS4. Up To Now, the USB connection would Handiest provide charge, leaning on the Bluetooth connectivity despite whether or not it was once plugged in or now not.

This won’t Imply much to many gamers, But Bluetooth introduces an infinitesimal level of lag to your controls. For a pro gamer, that may be the variation between a win (and a pot of e-Sports Activities prize cash) or a loss. So They Are Going To indisputably be very pleased.

The function should Also make a welcome boost for PC avid gamers who Want To use the DualShock 4 with their rig who will now not want to purchase a Bluetooth dongle to take action.

With an entire host of streaming services built in, as well as on-line play and a digital obtain Store, the 2016 PS4 Slim could be very reliant on its Network connection. So thankfully, It’s getting a fresh lick of paint for The New variation, too.

The Brand New PS4 Slim introduces a 5GHz IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac connection to the console, alongside ol’ faithful, the trusty Ethernet jack. Present PS4s Best characteristic 2.4GHz bands. While Ethernet remains to be your easiest bet for a persistently steady connection, the 5GHz band is less likely to suffer from interference from the menagerie of products hogging The Two.4GHz area. In impact, you are much less more likely to undergo lag and drop out because of this.

The 5GHz connection must give a boost to the quality of the PS4’s Faraway Play function. With a PS Vita handheld, a LAPTOP, Mac or appropriate Sony Xperia mobile software, That You May beam video games from your PS4 to a 2nd tool, releasing up the TV set.

Though we have had no problems with Far Off Play over The 2.4GHz connection of our unique launch PS4, the PS4 Slim has up to now provided up steady connectivity when using the second reveal function. It must be referred to Alternatively that 5GHz connections can battle beaming thru thick masonry, so line of sight with the console is still advisable when the usage of Far Off Play.


The psStore has been round Because The PS3, and naturally remains your supply of downloadable video games on the slim PS4.

The Ability to pre-load games makes a return so you aren’t left waiting for downloads to complete on launch day, and Which You Can Additionally begin playing a sport ahead of the obtain has totally completed by way of instructing your console to prioritise sure elements of the sport.

With video games now fortunately filling up 50GB Blu-ray discs, this potential is pretty crucial if you want to now not have to depart your games downloading in a single day.

That You Could Additionally use the playstation app on iOS or Android to remotely purchase video games and set them to download when you find yourself away out of your console, or That You Could at all times keep away from the download process completely through using Sony’s ever-increasing playstation Now provider.

Sharing gameplay images and videos

It should come as no surprise when I say that online gaming video is giant, and Sony has embraced this in a big way being able to share movies of gameplay baked proper into the console.

Simply press the ‘Share’ button on the DualShock 4 and you might be console will right away shop up to the ultimate fifteen minutes of gameplay. You Are then free to save lots of this to a USB stick, or You Could share it to YouTube, Fb, or even Sony’s personal PSN.

However You Could dangle the same button to share a screenshot.

Livestreaming can be supported on the console, if you wish to enable others to watch you as you play on Twitch. The Process is remarkably easy to set up, But you’ll want to have a quick enough web connection to upload video in real-time.

PlayStation Plus


When the PS4 launched, Sony took the choice to make its users pay for on-line multiplayer.

The observe had Previously been exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox Are Living Gold carrier, While Sony kept its Plus carrier for not obligatory extras.

When You’ve already purchased a PS Plus subscription for any other Sony software it is going to routinely raise over to The New console, and can carry with it discounts on PSN, a month-to-month choice of free video games, and low early get admission to to DLC.

Cloud saves are an ideal inclusion for while you wish to Swap between consoles for any reason, and computerized downloading and set up of recreation updates can be useful.

Sony’s psPlus is a superb provider for any individual who owns a PS4, and brings so many Extra advantages than just on-line play.

Share Play

Share Play

Share Play is an engaging function that lets you have friends remotely regulate your PS4 gameplay, even if they do not own the sport in query. This works as a cooperative tool, or a aggressive one, depending on how you need to use it.

This functionality is accessed via the same ‘Share’ button talked about above, at which level That You May choose to send out a share play invitation from the menu that pops up.

Unfortunately Each gamers will need to be playstation Plus subscribers for the functionality to work, and every session can Best remaining a maximum of an hour. It Is Also limited to 720p decision moderately than the PS4’s most 1080p.

Unlike the PS4 Professional or Xbox One S, The New 2016 PS4 Slim is, at its absolute best, a resolutely 1080p gaming desktop. It Might’t compare to the 4K-in a position Microsoft rival or its forthcoming top rate Sony sibling in this respect. Nevertheless It’s a suit for present ps4 consoles – and in some respects out performs them too.

Efficiency will increase lay primarily with energy draw and energy efficiency, which Sony claims reduces power consumption with the aid of 28% In Comparison With previous models.

Though unable to check the perfect power draw, even to the bare eye (or ear, as a minimum) the development is palpable. Fan noise is a good indicator of how much energy a machine is the use of as, normally, They Are Going To velocity up and get louder as a component attracts More energy and starts to warmth up. In Comparison With a well-used launch variation of the PS4, the PS4 Slim fan noise was once noticeably quieter when in use, which might counsel Sony’s claims are genuine.

What would not appear to have been made any quieter Then Again is the disc drive itself, which spins up very noisily when a both sport is installing, or a Blu-ray or DVD is enjoying. You Could Have to crank your speakers up slightly to drown that out.

In just about every other Performance side Alternatively, the PS4 and PS4 Slim consoles are equivalent. There Isn’t Any perceptible distinction in loading occasions or body rates for games, which have so far ran all-However identically across all checks. There could also be a moderate growth in UI responsiveness, But that would equally be down to our reviewer’s older console having been jammed filled with games and years of use whereas the more recent computer was once somewhat box contemporary.

Sessions with a wide range of games, from indies like Rogue Legacy to colourful platformer LEGO Jurassic World to the chilling first-individual frights of Alien Isolation all saw the slim PS4 hitting the same frame rates you possibly can are expecting from a regular PS4. In other phrases, It Is a prime-notch gaming computing device, operating most games at a decent 1080p/30ps, and many at 1080p/60fps. Although It Can Be not rather an even comparison given the myriad construct options, in COMPUTER gaming phrases, the PS4 Slim would sit against the center of the market In Terms Of Efficiency. However actually, It Can Be in point of fact like comparing apples and oranges.

Whereas the PS4 Slim stands tall against its predecessor then, it doesn’t examine as favorably in opposition to the Xbox One S, which bargains upgraded 4K upscaling alongside its likewise slimmer proportions. However, the console does improve HDR visuals, which have now the console.

The PS4 is a good console, and the PS4 Slim does nothing to dampen that enthusiasm. Where it takes away an optical port, it offers again with stronger energy efficiency, networking capabilities and a sleek new type factor.

Launching at a relatively Affordable price, and now boasting an excellent catalogue of games, It Is straightforward to suggest, even if its Xbox One S rival boasts flashier specs equally valuable of your attention.

We appreciated

No Person likes to waste energy and maintain insane energy bills, so It Can Be reassuring to peer Sony dialling again the PS4’s power consumption. Though the original PS4’s appears to be like have transform comfortingly familiar, The New smaller, More reserved design will make it an easier match for many AV set-ups.

Networking improvements make the PS4 Slim a More secure online gaming laptop, and The Brand New DualShock Four even provides a nod to Pro-gaming e-Sports avid gamers. It Is Usually more uncomplicated than ever to put in a brand new hard force (Though a 1TB force in point of fact should come as same old now).

PS4 Slim harddrive

We disliked

When sat next to the Xbox One S, which isn’t vastly costlier than the 2016 psSlim, It Can Be hard to not feel somewhat jealous of Microsoft’s computing device’s 4K Blu-ray Participant. It Can Be a luxury, for sure, Nevertheless It’s a future proofed one that can Imply the PS4 Slim is relegated prior to its time.

Likewise, the audio optical out connection’s removing is anxious. Although it used to be probably Simplest used by a small percentage of PS4 avid gamers with the unique console, those that rely on for their devoted AV speaker programs will now have a tricky option to make – improve to a PS4 Slim, which means the additional price of upgrading their audio receivers too, or take a seat tight with the present PS4? It Can Be a call they do not have to make.

Last Verdict

In Case You’ve been patiently ready for the best time to clutch a PS4 console, the hour has come. Reasonably Priced, newly-shrunken and with a stonking back catalogue of very good video games, the PS4 Slim is a good entry point into Sony’s Present gaming world.

Alternatively, after a slow begin, Microsoft has come out swinging, with the Xbox One (especially with the Xbox One S console revision) a mighty gaming computer in its personal right, invaluable of your attention. It Can Be a choice that would possibly not even be made for you – with Both consoles so intently matched (4K Blu-ray gamers regardless of), it is going to smartly come down to which desktop has already embraced most of your pals for online play Classes.

Go down the PS4 route, and you’ve got another query to ask – should you dangle hearth and watch for the pricier, However More highly effective, PS4 Pro? It Can come at a top rate, But has give a boost to for 4K resolutions – the following graphical frontier in gaming.

The PS4 Slim is a workhorse. It Might no longer have the flashier specs of the PS4 Pro or the media capabilities of the Xbox One S, but when you need a console to depend on for 1080p gaming at an Inexpensive value, then the PS4 Slim is a great option.