The Nokia Metal is the re-branded version of the Withings Activite Steel. Nokia sold the wearables champ in 2016, and has now given its Fitness trackers the Nokia brand treatment.

For Those Who do not follow the wearables scene as carefully as we do, though, that does not subject. The Actual Fact the Nokia Steel is an awfully low-key, minimalist Fitness tracker does topic.

Wearing one is just like Carrying a watch, however it’s a watch that also tracks your steps and sleep.

Nokia Metal worth and unlock date

  • In The Beginning $A Hundred Thirty/£120 However We’ve Got considered the price drop as low as $A Hundred or £Eighty
  • In The Past known as Withings Steel, now on hand underneath Nokia name

The Nokia Metal has an RRP of around $130/£A Hundred And Twenty, making it a bit cheaper than the smarter Nokia Metal HR that starts at $179.Ninety Five/£169.Ninety Five.

There May Be also a fairly more expensive rose gold model of the Nokia Steel that costs £A Hundred Thirty/$149. We Now Have viewed the fee of the normal Nokia Steel drop to around $100 or £80.

That You Can get Fitness trackers with identical options for less cash, However almost none will look moderately as excellent as the Nokia Metal.


  • Minimalistic design appears to be like much more like a watch than a Health tracker
  • No reveal, not like the Nokia Steel HR
  • Step counting dial to point out you how a long way You Are from your goal

Easy, fashionable minimalism is a key attraction of the Nokia Steel. Simply have a look at its face: a slim band of shiny Steel borders a curved glass top and a delightfully simple black or white face.

Even among non-good watches, the Nokia Metal is deliberately neutral. It appears just like the older Withings Activite Metal, But with a different title and changed fonts on the entrance.

Belief your own eyes on this one, But we predict the Nokia Steel appears to be like great.

It Is Usually very comfy. The watch face is reasonably small amongst smartwatches and the strap is comfortable, pliant silicone.

A Couple Of Times All Through checking out Now We Have forgotten we have been even Wearing the Steel, and maintaining it on at night time for sleep monitoring Does Not really feel like a trial.

That You May also trade the strap very easily. Nokia makes silicone straps in seven colors, leather ones and a few fabricated from woven polyester.

As it is water-proof to 50M, That You Would Be Able To put on the Steel within the swimming pool or bathtub. On The Other Hand, Nokia recommends getting the battery changed via a jeweler reasonably than doing so your self if you wish to maintain the water-proof in-tact.


  • Limited Health features However will suit step tracking or the atypical jog/swim
  • Doesn’t function a heart price tracker or GPS

Some hybrid Health watches pull off clever tricks to p.c. good options into what appears to be an ordinary watch. The Garmin Vivomove HR is a up to date instance, using a display that seems in the back of the watch face.

The Nokia Steel is a less formidable wearable. It Doesn’t provide notifications, coronary heart fee readings or any type of show. For that you’ll have to “improve” to the Nokia Metal HR, which has a smart little reveal on its face.

This watch simply uses an accelerometer to count your steps and reveal sleep.

All Over setup you set your steps goal, and the smaller secondary dial on the face tracks your development. Beat your purpose? The little arm merely slips again to “0” and starts over again.

As activity tracking is based totally completely on a 3-axis accelerometer, the Nokia Steel isn’t a hardcore tracker for athletes. Alternatively, it does acknowledge a number of activities.

Go on a protracted walk, or out for a run or swim and it would robotically log these in the app. There’s No method to manually begin an job, and not using a buttons or touchscreen readily available, but the algorithm does appear to pick up process reliably enough.

For each and every You Can see your distance, energy burned and a graph of process intensity. Alternatively, without any metrics beyond normal movement, the Nokia Steel’s monitoring is skinny.

Battery existence

  • Battery life of around eight months manner you do not have to worry about charging the Nokia Steel
  • Works with conventional watch batteries

Lengthy battery lifestyles is the primary good thing about this manner. The Nokia Metal makes use of the same more or less coin-shaped battery as a regular watch, and it lasts for as much as eight months.

That Is, clearly, an extraordinarily very long time for a Fitness tracker. Some last just a few days. Then Again, as the battery is non-rechargeable you’ll have to prise open the back with a screwdriver and replace the CR2025 cell manually.

Nokia’s professional line on doing so is “we strongly endorse that you are taking it to your native jeweler or watchmaker and request that the battery be replaced. The replacement of the battery and the reassembly by means of a certified will ensure the watch will stay water-proof after the battery alternate.”

You’ll also doubtless see less than eight months’ toughness if you’re making use of one of the Nokia Steel’s few further options, the “silent alarm”. There May Be a vibration motor throughout the Metal, letting you employ it to get up, or as a general reminder.

On The Other Hand, the vibration shouldn’t be in particular sturdy so may not pull everyone out of a deep sleep. It switches off after a couple of buzzes, and There Isn’t A artful drowsing either: It’s a normal characteristic, if a welcome one. It may not wake all individuals up. We wouldn’t depend on it to get to work on time.

Interface and app

  • Easy to make use of Nokia Well Being Mate app that clearly shows your stats
  • Restricted compared to probably the most other apps on hand, But connects with quite a lot of 0.33-birthday party services and products.

All Of The information recorded through the Nokia Steel results in the Well Being Mate app. For probably the most phase It Is A way to seem again at your process ranges over, say, the prior week. A timeline page lets you flick back throughout the days, checking out your step totals and auto-logged actions.

It May Possibly monitor different metrics too, and Which You Can manually input stats like your weight and blood drive. Alternatively, to get the most from the app you’ll want one thing just like the Nokia Physique+, a wise scale that uses electrical pulses to estimate your Body fat composition. And it’s going to weigh you, after all.

There’s not the stat depth of the Garmin Join platform or reasonably the fun of Fitbit here, But there are just a few additional motivation-boosting components. You earn “badges” through touring a certain choice of km, total, or via reaching a day-to-day steps purpose. And That You Can invite friends to participate in step challenges. These are lighter and flimsier than the most effective, but it’s better than nothing.

Linking to third-birthday party apps is most likely essentially the most helpful additional in Health Mate. That You Can Join with Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, Nike+ and Nest. These Kind Of involve simple stat-sharing, But Nest makes use of your slumbering habits to automate your crucial heating.

As with the achievements part, different wearables can help you hook up with more apps than the Nokia Steel, But as This Is this sort of low-key tracker band, it Would Not strike us as an enormous downside.

The enchantment of the Nokia Metal relies on its lovely design, great comfort and Lengthy battery existence. Its tech cred is proscribed, with minimal options past auto-tracking of some completely different forms of train.

Then Again, it’s excellent for those who primarily need a good-looking watch. And like the speculation of attempting out all-day step monitoring.

It would possibly not supply any new options over the old Withings edition, But we’re not definite a watch like this truly desires them.

Who’s this for?

The Nokia Steel is for many who need a low-key Fitness tracker that looks like a watch. However the principle query to as yourself is: do you love the way it looks? You Might Be shopping for a watch as much as a Fitness tracker here.

Will Have To you buy it?

Ask your self: are you going to be ok with little more than step counting? If the reply is sure, the Steel is one of your better-having a look, most comfy choices.

Then Again, It Is not in particular just right for athletes in coaching, harvesting Simply the thinnest slice of metrics.


Under you will see the merchandise we think you may also need to choose up if you’re no longer yes with the aid of the Nokia Metal.

Garmin Vivomove

The Garmin Vivomove thought is much like the Nokia Steel, But has a slightly more masculine design. Your steps are displayed as a white progress bar on the appropriate, and the Vivomove has an extra red bar to the correct of the clock arms. This Is A “transfer” bar. When it fills up, it is time to get off your backside and start shifting.

It Does Not have an alarm, as There Isn’t Any vibrate feature, But battery lifetime of up to one year is spectacular.

Skagen Hybrid

Skagen’s newest hybrid watch gets rid of the traditional step-counter dial. However, it does more than the Nokia Metal. There are three buttons on the facet, and a press of 1 will make the watch dial head to the upper left of the face, which features discreet numbers telling you how shut you’re to your steps goal.

Little coloured pips do the identical for notifications — you program the watch arm to move to explicit pips for explicit apps. It’s now not the entire notification expertise, But is a solid solution to cease you getting phone from pocket with every message you receive.

Nokia Metal HR

The Nokia Steel HR is the Metal’s more advanced brother. It has a coronary heart rate sensor and a display, able to showing common SMS and phone notifications. However no longer those from apps.

Nokia has managed to add a screen with out ruining the design too, despite the fact that the appear is obviously more “techy”. The Extra options additionally affect the battery type. As An Alternative of the usage of a replaceable coin battery, the Steel HR has a chargeable lithium-ion unit that lasts for 4 days with steady HR monitoring, or around three weeks in general watch mode.

First reviewed: January 2018