MetaCDN is an Australian firm which mixes the CDN networks of Amazon Cloudfront, Fastly and Verizon’s EdgeCast right into a single carrier.

The bundle looks as if some other CDN, and There’s No further setup work involved. You sign up As Soon As, level MetaCDN at your Information or origin server, and It Is ready to speed up your website.

The Diversities are all within the detail. When a customer requests your web page or file, MetaCDN is in a position to choose from Cloudfront, Fastly and EdgeCast places: greater than 120 in total. It selects the quickest provider for any area, improving Performance. And if one CDN or location goes down, MetaCDN simply routes your site visitors elsewhere, enabling the carrier to guarantee a One Hundred% uptime.

Options include starting place pull (the CDN fetches Files from your server when They’re first requested), starting place push (They Are uploaded prematurely), a handy guide a rough purge that dumps cache objects with a click, and a RELAXATION API to automate duties.

There are a couple of concerns. MetaCDN can handiest beef up Options of a CDN that are common to all three, as an example. Fastly offers some very highly effective instruments for working with HTTP headers, But That You May’t practice these to Cloudfront so They May Be now not integrated right here. You Might Be left with the core fundamentals only.

It Can Be a similar story with reporting. Particular Person CDNs may have additional gadgets they record or unique methods of offering information, But MetaCDN does not make stronger any of those. You get simple site visitors information simplest.

Worrying users is also sad at the loss of low-stage control, then, However everybody else will experience more suitable ease of use and (expectantly) much better Performance. That simply could be a alternate-off price taking.


MetaCDN is on hand via three plans.

The ‘General’ plan is essentially pointless as it does not strengthen a couple of lively CDN suppliers, which is likely to be the rationale You’re looking at MetaCDN in the first position. It’s Also slightly dear at $20 (£16) a month for up to 50GB knowledge transfer.

The ‘Lite’ plan adds a couple of CDNs, routes visitors to the fastest CDN for their house, supports stable shared SSL, and united states of americathe bandwidth restrict to 500GB. You Can Use it to accelerate up to three websites, and It Can Be yours for $50 (£Forty) a month.

The ‘Pro’ plan includes up to 1100GB of information for a maximum of six websites. There May Be the option to use custom SSL, precedence support, and It’s priced at $One Hundred (£Eighty).

Sounds easy, right? Incorrect: these are simply the minimal costs. Your bandwidth use is billed Via information switch at $0.10 per GB in North The United States and Europe, $0.14 everywhere else. There May Be Additionally a $0.01 cost per knowledge request.

This Doesn’t make it straightforward to take note what your Closing bill could be, But There May Be some good news here, too. Unused credits do not expire, they merely roll over to the subsequent month, so your cash isn’t misplaced.

Also, If You run over your allotted data transfer There Isn’t Any overage penalty – You Are billed on the same rate.

Pay yearly, slightly than month-to-month, and there’s a reasonable 20% cut price. That Could make it cheaper than signing up for Cloudfront or Fastly in my view, which looks like a just right deal to us.

If You’re , a seven-day free trial allows testing the service before you purchase.


Signing up for MetaCDN would not require offering any cost small print, which works for us. However our temper was spoiled a little bit after we were asked handy over a cell phone number, and examine it By Way Of providing a code despatched By Means Of SMS. Even that best counts as a ‘free trial request’, and we needed to wait nine hours for our account to be authorized.

Eventually we were in, and having a look at one of the vital least difficult CDN consoles around. There’s No vital jargon, and just three primary tabs – Home, Take Care Of, Usage – together with a very glaring ‘Get began’ button.

Growing your first CDN resource requires entering your website area (, a reputation, and non-compulsory CDN names (different domains) such as Post the form and your carrier is activated within 90 minutes. (Be affected person: with three CDNs behind the scenes, There Is rather more to do than universal.)

MetaCDN has tutorials for integrating the CDN with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and PrestaShop. They May Be General and along the traces of the standard ‘install plugin x and set it up like this’, However There’s with reference to enough to be helpful. If You’re curious, the WordPress information is here.

A ‘Information’ function permits uploading static Files instantly to the CDN. You Should Utilize third-birthday celebration S3 tools like CyberDuck and S3Fox (documentation is right here), or add small numbers of Recordsdata from a browser. Once the Recordsdata are available, Which You Could create another CDN useful resource which refers to your uploaded Recordsdata, quite than the starting place server.

The Whole Lot you have arrange can be reviewed in the ‘Manage’ house. There Is not much to do past reviewing General important points and casting off objects from the cache By URL, although. MetaCDN doesn’t provide every other settings or tweaks by way of the interface.

The fortify site has some steering on how one can carry out extra evolved duties, including surroundings HTTP headers. These all involve less-than-convenient handbook tweaks to your internet server or website code, But at the least MetaCDN is making some effort to level you in the precise course.


It Is all the time tough to be mindful how a CDN would possibly Function for you, as there are such a lot of considerations to consider: the dimensions and form of Recordsdata, any web purposes You’re using, the number, geographical spread and placement of your guests, and more. Exchange any variable and it is advisable to get a different outcome.

One easy option is to take a look at reasonable CDN response time. A single figure can’t start to let you know the entire story, However this is a helpful starting point which provides you a Common thought of how briskly a carrier may well be.

As we write, CDNPerf charges Fastly as seventh out of 24 for international response occasions, While EdgeCast is eighth and Cloudfront is Eleventh.

While these figures do not sound remarkable, what really matters here is that each and every CDN does significantly better in Individual areas. As An Instance, Cloudfront is 2d in Europe and Africa, and sixth in Asia. EdgeCast is fourth in North The Us and Fastly charges first place in Oceania. Via switching to the fastest CDN for any given region, you get persistently speedy Efficiency worldwide.

As general with CDNs, this is not going to matter to everybody. If Your visitors are mostly from Europe and North The United States, say, the response time in Melbourne is not important. But if you have a global audience, combining CDNs can improve speeds, and It’s without a doubt price checking out the provider to find out what it may well do for you.

Remaining verdict

MetaCDN could be a smart and fast possibility for top traffic sites with a world target audience. Watch Out the shortage of Features, although – you can need quite a lot of net expertise to do anything else even faintly advanced.