Looking For a Fitness band that will track your basic activity? Garmin thinks the Vivofit Four would be the excellent product on your wrist, however There’s tough competitors in this house from the likes of the Moov Now and Fitbit Alta HR.

The Primary spotlight of the brand new tracker is its battery life. It’ll may just sound too just right to be authentic, but Garmin appears certain this may increasingly last over a 12 months.

That Means you shouldn’t have to remove your tracker at night time and concern about working out of Cost before you hit the health club, however there are additionally numerous other things to like about the Vivofit 4.

Garmin Vivofit Four free up date and value

An Exact free up date for the Vivofit 4 is unclear, however Garmin has tested it’s going to be ready and shipping within the first quarter of 2018. That must imply It Is on sale through the end of March, however It Should smartly come out before then.

As for the price, you can be spending $79.Ninety Nine / £Sixty Nine.Ninety Nine / AU$159 for either the small or massive version of the Fitness tracker.

Design and display

The Vivofit Four is relatively thinner than previous Garmin merchandise, that means it takes up less room on your wrist and is a touch lighter too. Because Of This It Can Be a relaxed wear (from the hour or so We Have Now had to play with it as a minimum), whereas the plastic subject matter It Is constituted of should be straightforward to scrub off after a sweaty run.

Garmin has provided a particularly steady strap on the Vivofit 4 That Implies it mustn’t go flying about your wrist either.

There May Be both a large and a small/medium measurement, and while we tried the smaller option (which is perhaps somewhat too small for our reviewer’s wrist) it was still a comfy Fit.

Color-clever you have got received the collection of plain black or white, while There May Be also blue, black and pink versions with a speckled effect on them.

On the front of the tracker There’s a small Coloration display with a function button sat beneath. Here you’ll be able to see your normal stats, certainly displayed, however for anything else particularly fascinating you’ll wish to head into the app in your phone.

The button will cycle during the choices you will have together with your step depend, weather, energy burned and distance traveled, but there will be a few different monitors when you’re undertaking completely different exercises.

Fitness and performance

The Vivofit Four can monitor steps and has a feature known as Transfer IQ to be able to robotically kick in when you’re doing totally different sports including running, biking, swimming and using elliptical gear.

We’ve Got yet to test this out correctly though and will likely be certain to take action for our full overview.

There’s No coronary heart rate or GPS monitoring tech Right Here, which means the Vivofit 4 shouldn’t be in particular proper for those who want a variety of data from their runs. If You just need one thing to watch your steps or your lengths within the pool though, the Vivofit Four seems to be set to duvet you.

We Now Have to take Garmin’s word on this for now, however the company reckons this tracker will have to last for no less than a 12 months. It uses two coin cell batteries, which that you could exchange your self.

This size of battery existence approach you is not going to have to take the band off each evening and you can as a substitute use it to track sleep.

Early verdict

Much More reasonably priced than a Fitbit Cost 2, the Garmin Vivofit 4 appears to be a specifically nice possibility when you are Looking For a simplistic tracker to monitor your day-to-day task and the strange little bit of exercise.

It Is at ease to wear and comes with out of the ordinary battery lifestyles, so the Vivofit 4 could be a strong option if you wish to have something common and affordable that will not need constantly charging.

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