Apple’s units have advanced hugely during the last 15 years or so, altering the logo from the rebooted upstart that gave us the iPod to the patron tech powerhouse of lately.

The HomePod takes the name of that iconic portable instrument, But a decade and a half on we’re faced with the identical query posed Through earlier Apple gadgets: how So Much of a premium will have to you pay for proudly owning a device that fits seamlessly into the Apple ecosystem?

Let’s not put out of your mind that the HomePod is a late entry to the Good speaker game, But That Is standard operating procedure for the Cupertino-primarily based brand: let the rest of the trade stride beforehand with a new kind issue, establish the issues and then supply something that ‘Just works’… and in most cases for a higher price that the competitors.

That Is What’s came about with the HomePod, despite the fact that now not in slightly the same way as prior to. There Isn’t A denying that the sound quality of Apple’s speaker is top-notch, But in a marketplace where Amazon has such an entrenched Sensible speaker/voice assistant ecosystem and Google is not a ways at the back of, can a perfect-sounding-However-imperfect tool be worth shopping for?

Apple HomePod price and unencumber date

The HomePod is understated in the house.

As intimated, the HomePod value isn’t an inexpensive speaker – the fee is a weighty $349 / £319 / AU$499, and the speaker commenced transport on February 9 in chosen territories.

That makes it one of the most pricey Smart speakers in the marketplace – and certainly the costliest mainstream option – However Apple is hoping to justify that value By Way Of embedding Siri within and providing premium-quality audio.


  • With The Aid Of some distance the easiest Good speaker to set up
  • Capable Of studying own environment

Apple HomePod review

It Is a heavy box to carry Dwelling…

The Apple HomePod is so, well, Apple in the way in which You’ll use it. As with the AirPods, merely Dangle your Telephone close to the unit and your handset will ship over your Apple IDENTITY and Apple Music preferences, and fill in the entire lengthy-winded Wi-Fi passwords that you are proud you remember that But Fortunately shouldn’t have to sort in.

The set-up process was simplest delayed for us By Way Of The Truth That we would have liked to improve to iOS Eleven.2.5 on our iPhone, which is a prerequisite for making the speaker work.

That highlights one key Factor about the HomePod: You’ll Be Able To need to have an iPhone or iPad to set it up in the first place.

It’s arduous to peer why you would buy this speaker Without owning one of those already, However It trims the target market down proper from the outset.

Apple HomePod review

The speaker glows pleasantly all through setup

On The Other Hand, the set-up process does highlight One Of The Crucial good options of the HomePod: the glowing light on the highest (which turns into the multi-coloured Siri logo if you end up issuing instructions to it in a while).

The Whole process is so swift though – evaluate it to the long-lengthy-long-winded set-up course of for the Amazon Echo or Sonos One – and You’ll Be Able To be so glad that you just don’t have to spend a minute wafting your iPhone across the room to calibrate the sound levels.

Apple HomePod review

Holding your Telephone near the speaker calls up this box

Add to that additional such conveniences in daily use – if you would like to use a new Wi-Fi community Which Is already set up in your Cellphone, you Simply literally Cling the Phone nearby and It Can Be carried out – and you can find how Apple has smashed the competitors with regards to ease of use, certainly one of its actual hallmarks.

The HomePod will if truth be told Just figure out the place it is throughout the room simply by enjoying some Tune – it will check its bodily surroundings By Means Of listening to how the sound it emits bounces around, and if there may be a wall at the back of it’ll ship sure sections of what you’re Being Attentive To that manner, while the principle vocals or gadgets will fire forwards.

Apple HomePod review

Seven steps and the speaker is ready to go.

If It Can Be now not adjacent to a wall then the HomePod will chuck the sound out in a 360-stage space, despite the fact that typically we would imagine people would use the speaker up towards a wall.

After That’s all set up, That You Would Be Able To leave the home with your iPhone and your family or housemates will still be capable of use the speaker, even though Which You Can flip off ‘non-public requests’ in line with your data if you don’t want other people meddling with your small business.

(Fortunately That You May Additionally cease requests to the speaker messing with your Tune listening historical past – If You’re looking to build first rate automated playlists on Apple Song, your housemates enjoying Justin Bieber and Moana on repeat won’t destroy everything.)


  • Understated design
  • So Much heavier than anticipated

When You Are thinking of picking up the HomePod you can also want to go along with each fingers to start with. That Is because this speaker is amazingly dense, packing 2.5kg of weight into its 172mm (6.Eight-inch) high body.

It feels a Good deal heavier than it Seems, And That’s The Reason because there are such a lot of speakers in there. We’re speaking a woofer and 7 tweeters, each with its personal amplifier, and six microphones spread around to assist pick up your voice when you are hailing Siri.

And As Soon As its placement is locked in, You’ll want to resolution yet one more query: how will you run the power lead that comes out the again? It Is the one wire on this software, and the one Factor that resembles a port too. There Isn’t A other physical connectivity on offer, which alas method no aux-in port for connecting up a document player or other instrument.

Appears To Be Like easy, But there is at all times the power lead to worry about.

All you’ve got received is a squat little speaker covered in an ‘acoustic mesh’ Which Is designed to offer protection to the instrument while letting out as A Lot sound as that you can imagine. It Appears To Be Like as unremarkable as you would predict – there aren’t any ornamental thrives here – and the one smash in the mesh is on the top, where a spherical, reflective disc sits.

This Is, as now we have talked about, where the glowing light pulses, signifying when Siri is listening and processing commands, and additionally it is where You Can to find the plus and minus icons for adjusting the quantity.

Pushing the speaker in opposition to a wall brings the perfect audio efficiency.

It Can Be a shame There Isn’t A haptic remarks from the buttons, However given that as a rule you are going to be controlling the HomePod with your voice It Is no longer a massive deal.

The HomePod isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing speaker in the market, But It’s horny in its simplicity. Some would possibly assume that, for the cost, it will have to be extra hanging, But The speaker is certainly well-made.

In The Case Of processing, the HomePod is provided with Apple’s A8 chip, created to be used within the iPhone 6 from 2015. That Will sound somewhat outdated, But on condition that it was designed to power a complete smartphone, It’s in fact an excessive amount of energy for ‘handiest’ a speaker, even person who’s sending and receiving commands to and from the cloud frequently.

Audio performance

  • Sublime audio efficiency
  • No Bluetooth streaming or aux enter

The audio quality of the Apple HomePod is, to place it merely, top class. It fills a room easily, with clear separation between all parts of Track tracks.

It Is for sure at its easiest when positioned in opposition to a wall, pulling apart the sounds neatly, with parts such as voices coming thru with fantastic breadth.

We’re most certainly all used to listening to Track of more than a few high quality all the way through our day, from negative-high quality headphones to no matter speakers our TV has, so using the HomePod will expose a lot of people who aren’t audiophiles to new subtleties in Track which they won’t have heard prior to.

Apple HomePod review

That You Can ask Siri to read the news or a message out when in the kitchen In The Event You’ve got your hands full.

The bass, particularly, is strong, However like most sounds emanating from the speaker the audio is secure, with sharp notes clipping very neatly. Paying Attention To electronica, particularly, provided plenty of clarity, while bass guitar sounds introduced a mild reverberation to the sound – these with an untrained ear particularly will likely be blown away.

But It’s the fusion of all this that is spectacular – being able to hear thudding bass (a teeny bit too thudding from time to time, it has to be said) whereas at the similar time being treated to crystal-clear vocals on prime is a ravishing experience.

On Occasion You’ll Be Able To really feel that Issues can get a bit of mixed collectively – bass guitar is usually a touch muddy, or one thing like a violin may also be simply overpowered – But in comparison with a cheap, low-end speaker The Standard is simply miles and miles beforehand.

The HomePod is loud too, with Siri asking Should You certainly want to do that when you ask the speaker to play at full quantity. And if there are any sound results on a observe, be it water splashing, rain or a faux-vinyl sound, the crispness again is superb.

Actually, the audio quality is so Excellent that the biggest criticism We Are Able To degree at the audio capabilities of the speaker is the way you engage with it. Saying ‘Good Day Siri’ over and over to succeed in anything else irks, and When You Are in a room with more than one people speaking You’ll need others to shush in any other case their phrases are easily picked up, leading to random songs being played.

Apple HomePod review

The Base of the speaker is on the only position You’ll find an Apple brand

It Could be good to come what may have your intentions registered With Out the necessity for a key phrase.

Comparing the HomePod to the new Amazon Echo and the Sonos One, though, it bests each of them simply. Leaving aside the straightforward set-up, which is a godsend, the sound from Apple’s speaker is essentially the most expansive and clear… it Just feels like there is extra data flooding into your ears.

The Amazon Echo is obviously the bottom-high quality of the three When It Comes To sound high quality, But It’s not horrific. Listen To it in isolation and You Can like how it sounds, particularly for the fee. But The HomePod Just destroys it with the level of audio on offer, making Track sound, smartly, ‘right kind’.

The Sonos One is understandably So Much closer to the HomePod in the case of audio performance, However It’s no longer relatively as Good – the one method We Can describe it is as being ‘narrower’ in its sound, with the amount and breadth of the audio no longer matching Apple’s efforts.

That Is to not say the Sonos One’s sound quality is not massively clear and evocative – it thoroughly is – However there may be Simply more power and depth from the HomePod.

But now we get onto how you if truth be told Hearken To Issues on the HomePod, and therein lies the rub. You need a subscription to Apple Song except you Just need to circulation stuff from your iPhone – and even that may best be done the use of AirPlay.

We Are Saying ‘best’ because That You Would Be Able To’t movement over Bluetooth to the HomePod. Which Is not a tremendous issue if You Can simplest ever need to play audio from an Apple product, However If You’ve obtained something else that can be used to stream Bluetooth Song you might be out of good fortune.

In A Similar Fashion, with no aux enter you won’t have the ability to use the top rate sound of the HomePod to play your CDs, or your vinyl assortment If You Happen To’ve jumped on that particular bandwagon.

We Are Able To see the argument for not offering Bluetooth streaming – despite there being a Bluetooth connection on board to allow the HomePod to speak to other Good House units – However not having an aux input is a ignored possibility.

So, given the above, how are you presupposed to get probably the most out of your HomePod? With the aforementioned Apple Tune – meaning you might be basically going to need to pay $10 / £10 a month to maintain using your new speaker.

Apple HomePod review

You’ll Be Able To barely use the quantity buttons on the top of the speaker.

If You Are already paying that, no downside – But If You’re at present a Spotify consumer you is not going to be capable to use that provider With Out streaming it over your Cellphone, which isn’t best – You Can nonetheless control the Music using your voice in this mode, But It’s a lot slower to reply.

The Fact That you might be just about locked to Apple Song makes it all the more curious that Apple does not have a lossless structure, like Tidal, on condition that the HomePod is customized for such excessive-end sound.

In All Probability That’s coming sooner or later. Or Perhaps Apple thinks the sound is Good sufficient with what’s there – and as we’ve said, it is nice.

However The Fact That That You Can most effective use Apple Track rankles, further highlighting how you need to be deeply embedded within the Apple ecosystem to get proper use out of the HomePod.

Talking of the long run, when Apple debuts AirPlay 2 later within the 12 months you can link two HomePods collectively to get stereo sound. We had a brief demo of this, and it sounds, neatly, just about like two audio system making extra noise together. The Standard was equally as excessive, Just extra spread out and that sounded better.

With AirPlay 2 You’ll Additionally be capable of unfold your sound to different audio system – not Simply HomePods – and different AirPlay 2-enabled units round the home.

We tried it with the Apple TV, and while the sound was once brilliant we had to dive into the settings each time to inform the TV to play the sound through the speaker. Having two HomePods proudly sitting either side of the reveal and routinely enjoying the audio from Netflix or no matter could be nice.


  • Siri very in a position at hearing your words
  • Needs so to do extra

The Apple HomePod isn’t just a speaker, despite the company telling the arena that it is a Tune-first proposition.

The characteristic Which Is going to peer you the use of this Thing ceaselessly is the ‘Whats Up Siri’ performance That Is baked in, which means that you are in a position to talk to the HomePod to ask all manner of Issues. In Reality, this speaker is designed to no longer really be touched, with interactions ideally accomplished by the use of voice.

With that in thoughts, It’s a Just Right Thing that the voice popularity accuracy is incredible. Although you’re mendacity together with your again turned to the speaker, or in any other room, Announcing (no longer shouting) ‘Hey Siri, flip up the quantity’ will probably be recognized nearly each time.

Apple HomePod review

Placing the HomePod on the mantle makes it accessible for The Entire family… despite the fact that it’s a must to run the cable somewhere.

Even thru loud Song your voice can be picked up, which appears inconceivable and displays that these six microphones are in reality doing their job.

As we now have stated, though, You’ll soon tire of having to assert ‘Hi There Siri’ over and over, especially when skipping through tracks. Also, If You Happen To’ve got every other Apple software within the room so as to light up in anticipation too, ahead of realizing that It Is now not needed and slinking away.

That’s not an enormous problem, But It Surely’s no longer going to lend a hand your iPhone battery, For Instance.

Siri does Talk very normally though, answering your instructions and questions naturally. In Reality, the way That You Would Be Able To Speak to the HomePod is awesome, with pure language identified in every scenario.

As An Example, when the alarm is going You Can say ‘Hi There Siri, thanks!’ and she or he / he’s going to respond with ‘I live to serve!’, which is a nice contact.

Apple HomePod review

The ‘acoustic mesh’ is lovely animal pleasant… our biggest fear could be a cat pulling this heavy speaker onto itself.

Less nice is The Fact That You Can’t flip the voice off, nor trade the volume. So walking in late at night time and Announcing ‘Hi There Siri, activate the lights’ (offering you may have got HomeKit-enabled bulbs or lamps) will end result within the voice blaring back: ‘Ok, Which Is finished!’

Or, If You’ve received a ‘Scene’ set up, where you could have arranged for a set of actions to be prompted Via a definite command, such because the lights and the TELEVISION being became off when you whisper ‘Goodnight’, Siri still enthusiastically, and loudly, responds, which isn’t best when half of the house is asleep.

But for daily interactions, Siri is excellent and reasonably intuitive. The pure language method there may be little or no barrier to getting ok with talking to your HomePod, so That You Would Be Able To say ‘Howdy Siri, shuffle my Just Songs playlist’ and it would know what you mean.

That You Could add tracks, skip forward or again and even rewind a couple of seconds Just By Means Of asking it, and to be able to work flawlessly.

This Does Not Just extend to Tune either – That You Can say ‘Hi There Siri, play the latest episode of the Football Ramble podcast’ and Siri will search the catalogue and oblige.

One Of The Crucial Things Apple is pushing hard is the flexibility of the HomePod that can assist you uncover the Song you love, for it to get smarter over time.

Asking it to try this did yield new tunes that we enjoyed, even supposing they have been songs from artists we already had in our library.

There are nonetheless some gremlins in the discovery engine that we think about will take just a few weeks of Tune playback to iron out. Things like asking Siri to ‘play some wake up Music’ within the morning and it spitting out u . s . sounds – It Can Be lively, Sure, However nowhere in our thousands-sturdy Track catalogue is there such a Song… even telling Siri we didn’t adore it did not trade the style.

Apple HomePod review

We found the sound quality, and speaker pickup, very good right through testing.

As an alarm clock the HomePod Also Desires some work, as It’s best acquired a single tone to awaken you with, and That You Can’t ask Siri to play the news as a substitute. You Can ask it to play the news while you wake, and after a while it is going to retailer your most well-liked station too.

There are some kinks here – after we first requested for sports activities information it started enjoying Just that, But from the day sooner than. Sure, these are principally Just little kinks within the device, But for the money we might predict the experience to be flawless from the off.

And That Is The Reason roughly the best way this speaker feels – nonetheless in beta mode. Without the power to connect to different services, you wonder if the Apple secure is enough. Sure, That You Could create to-do lists, play Tune, set a timer and many others… But, as another example, Which You Could best set one timer, and a lot of people like to have a couple of options when cooking.

If handiest there used to be a HomePod App Retailer for adding performance, in the same way Alexa has skills, this could be a brilliant speaker.

The HomePod operates a lot slicker than the Alexa speakers we’ve tried, and with the minimum of fuss, However individuals would possibly want different news sources, different connections, and different streaming services and products to play over their pricey speaker.

However however, such limitations had been an indicator of Apple’s walled-garden way, and it has – over and over again – proved individuals will buy such Things, further embedding themselves into its ecosystem.

Last verdict

Once once more, we come to the familiar question with Apple: is it price spending your cash on this product, or are you doing so on person who’s cheaper and does a variety of the same Issues, albeit With Out, Perhaps, the same degree of polish?

The Apple HomePod is a superb speaker. It can provide rich, clear sound with a purpose to impress somebody who listens to it, and every aspect of the way It’s designed and offers audio has been smartly concept through.

There are other audio system that can do extra – basically anything else that has Alexa inside of, as there are extra Smart Dwelling-enabled devices which might be suitable with Amazon’s same old – and there are more cost-effective audio system that also sound pretty Good.

Apple HomePod review

Good speakers are beginning to look the part nowadays, and the query of which Appears To Be Like the very best is getting beautiful subjective.

However, the HomePod sounds brilliant and offers some Smart Siri performance… as long as you are deeply embedded within the Apple ecosystem.

The question we kept asking ourselves, then, is: would we quite have one HomePod, with advanced sounds, two Sonos One speakers with Excellent sound plus Alexa / Spotify (and Google Assistant someday too), or five Amazon Echo gadgets, providing poorer audio high quality But a fully built-in Sensible Home experience?

It Is a tricky one, and it depends on how So Much you want a speaker that seamlessly fits into your Apple life. If You Happen To’ve obtained a MacBook, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Apple TELEVISION (and nonetheless have any cash left on the finish of that spending spree), then You Can to find the HomePod is a pleasant addition to your lifestyles.

However there are still just a few little bumps in there that take away some of the gloss – Siri not being able to search the online, an absence of Bluetooth streaming, or having the ability to keep an eye on your Apple TELEVISION or iPhone instantly from the speaker are omissions that many would like to have.

In impact, the HomePod feels very beta. We Would Like Siri to be a long way more capable (a HomePod App Retailer would be a truly useful addition) and for the stereo capabilities to be current ASAP – it is going to be interesting to re-evaluation the speaker when these options emerge, and whether or not other capabilities to find their means within.

If You only want a super-sounding Smart speaker and don’t seem to be fussed about the exclusive factors of Siri’s performance then You Can benefit from the HomePod a lot.

But When You Are a bit of thriftier, and don’t seem to be exclusively wedded to Apple merchandise, then It’s worth Maintaining off and seeing how the Sensible speaker market shakes out prior to making a buying choice.

  • First reviewed February 2018