Music is all about immersion, But does that have to imply utterly chopping-off the listener from the surface world? AfterShokz would not assume so, which is why its athlete-focussed Titanium open-ear recreation headphones do the exact opposite.

Then Again, the first thing to suffer whilst you put a headphone out of doors the ear is bass. So the Titanium’s use bone conduction technology, basically sending the vibrations from low-frequency sound into the top of the wearer’s cheekbones on their option to the cochlea within the inner ear, bypassing the eardrum.

Promoting for £99.Ninety Nine (US$129.Ninety Five , AU$149), the AfterShokz Titanium have simply been outdated by means of a brand new, slimmer and pricer pair referred to as the Trekz Air, which go for £149.Ninety Nine (US$$149.95, AU$219).


The AfterShokz Titanium’s design is spectacular, with the 2 bone conduction transducers sitting simply to the aspect of ears somewhat than going into the ear canal. In many ways They Are similar to earcup-fashion headphones that ship sound into the ear from outside, except for that these shouldn’t have any foam or masking to maintain ambient noise out. One Of The Most audio system has a pause button on the aspect, which proved in reality helpful, and stops the wearer ever having to take them off.

We weren’t particularly involved concerning the 36g weight of these sport-centric headphones, However we did have a small problem with the pinnacle-band, which is slightly loose. We needed to place it additional up the back of our head than we were ok with, and in use in the health club they did transfer round slightly too much.

That issue apart, the AfterShokz Titanium appears to have been carefully crafted, with the positioning of the transducers spot-on; they sat precisely at the prime of our jawbone. They May Be to be had in two-tone black and grey/blue/green/pink.


The AfterShokz Titanium is also basically designed for the health club, and for jogs and runs outside, However we’ve zero interest in shopping for a distinct pair of headphones for each social gathering. The AfterShokz Titanium needs to do it all, so we took them on a walk thru a busy city centre.

There Have Been moments of genuine epiphany where ‘situational awareness’ actually impressed as an idea; coming into a espresso retailer and chatting with the barista with no need to yank-off a pair of wired earphones used to be one. Another was strolling through a bustling market and being able to hear what was occurring around us. In many ways, wearing the AfterShokz Titanium felt in reality releasing.

The reverse can be authentic; consistent chatter within the coffee shop, and the constant din available in the market, took us faraway from our Music.

They Are Going To offer the very best of instances, the worst of instances, however the AfterShokz Titanium do sound perfectly acceptable as a rule. It Can Be quite obtrusive that They Are at their best possible in quiet environments, and in fact rather exciting to use around an office where It Is that you can think of to take heed to Song while conserving one ear on colleagues’ chatter.

Crucially, the sound quality coming from these audio system Do Not match a pair of regular headphones. The Chief drawback is bass. It Is now not that they lack low frequency sound as such, However extra that It Is felt greater than heard – it reverberates via your jawbones. If this sounds bizarre then it must, because it also feels bizarre, if extraordinarily straightforward to get used to.

On The Other Hand, for those who push the amount beyond a definite point those vibrations get a little bit too much, especially as a result of they seem to dominate – the AfterShokz Titanium Don’t in reality go that loud. In Case You Are in a busy, noisy location, It Is unimaginable to drown-out anything else.

On The Other Hand, the AfterShokz Titanium are incredibly easy to make use of. Don’t Omit that these are, at their most elementary, a pair of wireless headphones. The initial Bluetooth set-up with a phone was once straightforward, though the voice that confirms is a bit chatty. Does someone actually need to be with courtesy welcomed to their headphones?

Controlling the AfterShokz Titanium can also be a cinch, with Some Of The part containers on the headband web hosting quantity buttons, one in every of which doubles as an extended-press on/off swap. Subsequent to that could be a micro USB slot for recharging … and here comes an issue. At just six hours charge, the AfterShokz Titanium is instantly relegated from a pair of do-it-all headphones to a product that in point of fact will have to be considered single-process, and that is the reason a shame. We understand ‘authentic wireless’ earphones have a worse downside, But that does not make a six-hour battery suitable.

We preferred

Put Out Of Your Mind, for a moment, the AfterShokz Titanium’s bone conduction claims; having the ability to hear your atmosphere while you hearken to Tune makes this a surely fascinating product. However is open-ear sufficient?

Lightweight and largely relaxed to put on, the AfterShokz Titanium deals an extraordinarily pure feel – you hardly ever understand They’re there. As Well As striking nothing into your ears, they offer sound high quality which is perfectly usable in quiet environments, and are in particular spectacular around an office. They Are additionally both robust versatile, so easy to fit, and lift loose in a bag or pocket.

We disliked

Lacking clarity, the AfterShokz Titanium simply Don’t sound as just right as ‘right kind’ headphones. The bone conduction effect is one in every of bass, But on the excessive volumes vital in busy metropolis centres, or anyplace with strong winds, these robust vibrations are just a little too much. We’re additionally involved about the short battery existence, which at six hours makes them of limited use as everyday headphones.

Last verdict

The AfterShokz Titanium are enjoyable to make use of, and round an administrative center, They May Be simply great, permitting you to hearken to things whilst you want to while also listening to conversations from colleagues. Possibly their perfect characteristic is that it would not feel like you’re sporting any headphones at all. On The Other Hand, when things get loud or it’s a must to challenge outdoor, the AfterShokz Titanium undergo from an absence of quantity and too many vibrations.

Add a six-hour battery life and a slightly free neck-band that reasons them to slip reasonably when exercising, and the AfterShokz Titanium is left looking like a novelty product that desires some work. Fortunately, AfterShokz has simply launched a slimmer, souped-up version, the AfterShokz Trekz Air; bone conduction technology could but have something vital to say about how all of us hearken to Track.